1) Help! My deadline is fast approaching.

A) No problem. At hire-a-writer.com, we understand that deadlines are a reality for most businesses and organizations. And as much as you may try to plan for them, they always seem to come up faster than expected. We guarantee project completion in 3 to 5 business days. This allows us time to review your project, edit it and make any necessary changes.  With that being said, we always do our best to get your project back to you as quickly as possible.

2) What style guide does hire-a-writer.com follow when writing and editing?

A) hire-a-writer.com is a Canadian-based business. Therefore, we follow the Canadian Press Style Guide when writing and editing (the standard for print publications in Canada). If your business or organization has a “house” style or you prefer us to use either AP (Associated Press) or Chicago Style, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your preferred style.

3) What are my payment options?

A) We prefer that you use Pay Pal (our quickest and most secure method of payment). We also accept certified cheques and money orders. Please note: Due to postal delays, we can’t guarantee project completion in 3 to 5 days with this method of payment.

4) How do I know that hire-a-writer.com is the right service for my business/organization?

All of our writers and editors have experience and education in either journalism or public relations. Also, we always do our best to match our clients with a writer/editor that best suits their business and editorial needs.

5) How is hire-a-writer.com different than other communications companies?

At hire-a-writer.com, our concept is simple: we focus on what we are most passionate about. For us, that’s writing and editing. And we realize that writing isn’t everyone’s fortay, which is why we are in business! At hire-a-writer.com we offer fast, efficient and competitively priced editorial services.

6) What happens if we find an error in our document after using hire-a-writer.com?

At hire-a-writer, we do our very best to ensure we catch every little mistake. Unfortunately, some errors slip past us, which is why we offer one free revision with our services based on the type of edit you choose. If you happen to find any errors after we have revised it, we ask that you contact us immediately. We guarantee to do another read through and correct any mistakes that we may have missed during the editing process. We want you to be 100 % satisfied with our services. Once we have completed your project, we ask that you read through it and sign off. That way we can make any necessary adjustments as soon as possible.

7) Am I able to meet my editor in person to discuss the project?

At hire-a-writer.com, efficiency is part of our mandate. We encourage our clients to use our website and email for project submissions and queries. Our web-based business concept allows us to keep costs down and save time. Our goal is to ensure the editorial process is as seamless as possible so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. With that being said, we realize that some projects do require brief email, phone or in-person consultations.

8) I realize my project needs editing, but I don’t have a big budget

No problem. At hire-a-writer.com, we work with you to ensure you’re able to achieve your editorial goals without breaking the budget. We strongly believe that the content you produce is a reflection of you and your business/organization. Our competitive pricing means you can feel confident that your communications materials will be professionally written, no matter what service you choose.

9) I am fairly confident in my writing skills, but I would like a second opinion. Would hire-a-writer.com still be suitable for me?

Absolutely. As professional writers and editors, we strongly encourage a second eye when editing. No matter how many times you may look at your project, you will likely miss something. Our editing service starts at just $35 per page. At hire-a-writer.com, we will help you prevent those embarrassing and unnecessary mistakes from appearing in print.

10) Why does hire-a-writer.com charge by the hour when most editors charge per page?

We believe it’s in the best interest of our clients and our team of writers/editors to charge by the hour. No two projects are alike. By charging an hourly rate, we can give your project the attention it deserves. With that said, we offer different levels of editing so that you can tell us exactly what to focus on. Also, before we begin a project we read through your document and provide a cost estimate so that there are no surprises!