Blog Writing: How to Capture an Audience

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If you are a business owner, you’ve likely pondered over the idea of a blog. Or, maybe you’ve already started writing. In my opinion, launching a blog is the easy part. For most of us, the challenge lies in finding the time to generate new content. As a writer, blogging is something that I feel compelled to do and therefore seems to come naturally.  With that said, I do realize it can be an unpleasant chore for some; especially those of you who find it difficult to write or don’t have the time.

Here are a few tips to help you become a better blogger:

 1)   Post content that is interesting, relevant and informative

You will often hear that you need to post content on a certain day at a certain time, every week. I don’t believe there are any hard rules when it comes to blogging. In my opinion, it’s more important you create content that people will actually want to read. There’s so much information out there. Our in boxes are bombarded with content everyday. So make sure your blog stands out from all the others.

2)   If you aren’t good at writing, find someone who is

Grammar mistakes, punctuation errors and spelling mishaps don’t make for an easy read. Trust me – hiring a writer will make your life much easier. Remember, it’s also a reflection of you, your business and/or organization.

3)   Keep it informal and conversational

Although you want to make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s, blog writing is meant to be more casual – similar to a conversation you could be having with your clients. Keep it personal by writing in the first person. You should write full sentences. However, you can keep the tone casual, friendly and light.

4)   Schedule time to write

If you have difficultly finding time to write, then you may want to consider adding it to your schedule. By setting aside time each week to write, the task will be less daunting.

5)   Create a blog topic list

By keeping a blogging list on your computer or at your desk, you can jot down topic ideas as they come to your mind. That way you will always have content. One of my favorite tips is to keep a pen and paper with you at all times. You never know when you will be inspired!

6) Make sure it’s original

Nowadays, you can purchase content online. Some business owners go so far as to plagiarise. You don’t want to do this. Your reputation is too important. Your audience will follow your blog because they trust your brand and what “you” have to say. Your content doesn’t have to be lengthy; it just has to be interesting.

7)   Include photos

People love to see photos. It also helps to break up the content, making your blog more interesting. You can purchase royalty-free photos from websites like iStock – or better yet, take your own! Why not blog about a conference you attended, a company event you hosted or the renovation project you are undertaking at your office.

8)   Share it with everyone!

Be proud of your blog. Social media makes it easy for you to market directly to your target audience. Use tools like Facebook and Twitter to share your blog. You can even create sign up lists so that you can automatically email your blog to your readers. Always create links to your website.

9)  Keep it interactive

By adding surveys and polls to your blog, you are encouraging your audience to communicate with you. This is a great way to create rapport and get feedback on your business/organization. You may also consider running a contest or an ad on Facebook to generate more likes on your page and drive traffic to your blog.

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